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Can Board Games Compete with Video Games in the Modern World?

Before the rise of video games, board gaming was a common family pastime. You’d corral your family around the table and start up Monopoly or Risk or one of a selection of other American style board games. These days, video games rule the living room and computer, with 62 percent of gamers playing games socially, […]

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STUDDED PLATE #3: It’s an Even Smaller World: Microfigures

In my last column, I mentioned one of the newest LEGO Games, _The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey_, and the microfigures it contains, and promised to discuss the LEGO Heroica series of fantasy adventure games. First, though, I’d like to provide some background on LEGO Games in general. The LEGO Games line offers games built using […]

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Kickstarter’s Hottest Board Games & Accessories

Kickstarter generates a lot of news. Sometimes it’s red hot; sometimes it’s not. There’s the tale of the board game publisher that didn’t keep their promise after $122,000 was raised through the site, reports The Verge. Then there are instances when Kickstarter has been a game changer for burgeoning game designers. Nonetheless Kickstarter is home […]

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STUDDED PLATE #2: Return of the Ring

Welcome to the long overdue second installment of “Studded Plate”! This column is devoted to combining two of my favorite things: role-playing games and LEGO toys. My first column gave a brief overview of my technique of using LEGO minifigures as RPG miniatures, then reviewed the initial seven LEGO The Lord of the Rings sets […]

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Nighthawks, ahoy!

I just got wind of a new web-series following the in-game and out-of-game trials and tribulations of a group of tabletop roleplayers.  Entitled The Nighthawks, this live-action project uses hand-made effects to create a distinct look for its steampunk-magic-apocylapse game word.  Promising comic mishaps and a fantastic gaming world, The Nighthawks is currently being funded at Indiegogo.  There […]