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February 11, 2013

RPGs Coming in 2013 (we hope)

numenera w:o

The world of tabletop RPG publishing has changed quite a bit. Gone, it seems, are the days of publishers toiling in secret behind polished websites to produce hard copies of their games. Now even “large” companies are using Kickstarter and forums to keep their fans informed and involved in the development of PDFs/PoDs/hard copy games. While this new frontier can be exciting, it can also be a tad confusing. Here, then is a list of some of the biggest and most interesting things that can be seen on the horizons (some more clearly than other):

Exalted 3 White Wolf’s classic World of Darkness’ prehistorical game of over-the-top mythic fantasy is getting a third edition in the “first half of 2013”.

Mummy: the Curse – Also from White Wolf is a complete retelling, a darker retelling, of their game of deathless mummies, scheduled for February.

The return of a glorious, glorious mess!

Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition – In or around September 2013 White Wolf will be revisiting their most ambitious game, Mage: the Ascension.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook – april – Fantasy Flight is releasing their game of the grittier parts of a galaxy far away in June.

Nova Praxis — A game Fate-powered game of transhuman, post-Earth science fiction debuting in April-June.

Tunnels and trolls — A deluxe edition of the classic D&D re-write will be upon on sometime around August.

Numenera — the lavishly illustrated post-apoc SciFi fantasy by the justly famous Monte Cooke is scheduled for summer 2013.

Shadowrun 5 – the classic fantasy/cyberpunk mashup and its hackers and street samurai is also scheduled for this summer.

Atomic Robo — Evil Hat games will be bring us a game based on the action/science(!) comics of writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener “soon”.

Monster Hunter International — Based on the “Monster Hunter International” novels by Larry Correia, this RPG of modern-day monster-whacking should be out sometime this year.

Axes and Anvils — Also coming “sometime in 2013″ is this all dwarf game of blades, beards, and beer.

“Kill the humans, kill the elves, take the gold, for ourselves!”

In addition to these core books, there are also a slew of supplements scheduled for the year ahead. So sharpen your pencils and ready your dice, because 2013 looks to be a eventful year!

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  1. Don’t forget Varg Vikernes’ MYFAROG (Dungeons & Vikings) :D

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