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Can Board Games Compete with Video Games in the Modern World?

Before the rise of video games, board gaming was a common family pastime. You’d corral your family around the table and start up Monopoly or Risk or one of a selection of other American style board games. These days, vide...
by E. Ortiz


Playing Music

This is a little outside our normal purview but Freq. Entertainment has just kickstarted their new game Freq. Trigger, “a 2D physics-based shooter modified by music.” ¬†This first of many purposed games uses a techn...
by Matt Timmins


Why Role-Playing is Essential in RPGs

An opportunity of a lifetime came my way. I was at this year’s PAX EAST in Boston, Massachusetts and although I enjoyed covering the latest video games coming out and interviewing game designers and cosplayers, I always l...
by E. Ortiz



Lando’s PAX East 2011 Pictorial

This is our second set of pictures taken at PAX East 2011. In case you are wondering what PAX East was, it was an awesome video game themed convention that took place in Boston, MA in March 2011. Pictures were taken by Lando th...
by ShutterBugB


Sammy Pipeline’s Pax East 2011 Pictorial

Pax East a place where Dreams are made AND CRUSHED  all in one roller coaster of a weekend!!! These are the photos taken by one intrepid photographer as he tries to live through the onslaught of win that was PAX EAST 2011. He ...
by Sammy Pipeline